About our Studio...... 


Elite Dance Company in Mechanicsville, MD is setting a new standard for excellence.

Elite Dance Company's teaching philosophy is one that is focused on dance education and derived from many years in the dance industry. We follow a consistent and precise curriculum for dance students to grow through each level in which accurate information and proper dance technique are continuously enforced. Our dance program offers a wide range of dance classes and our curriculum employs many methods of learning and is designed to fully engage the dancer in each class in order to encourage artistic and technical development. Students and parents should always know what to expect from class. 

At Elite Dance Company, there will be many performance opportunities to present our students in professional atmospheres. We also provide for our dance students the experience to take several master dance classes with current professionals in the industry, information on auditions in order to advance their training, and opportunities to be exposed to dance performances at venues such as the National Theatre and the Kennedy Center.

We believe in positive reinforcement to instill a love and passion for dance. We set our goals high and celebrate each achievement of our dance students. Elite Dance Company is a fun, safe environment built on creating life memories. Elite Dance Company is proud to bring a professional level dance studio to Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Join us today and become a member of the Elite Dance Company family!

One of the most amazing things about being an Elite Dance Company dancer is finding your dance family; the people you train with who make you feel like you have an artistic home. You’re not born into this family; instead, you meet them by way of dance class. They will inspire you, encourage you help you excel at dance and in life! At Elite, we understand the importance of a dance family and the impact it has on you and your child. Our staff, students and parents have allowed our dance family to thrive. We would love for you and your child to be a part of our “home away from home” and experience the Elite Dance culture. Come see what our Elite family has to offer your family!