2 - 3 Year Old

Classes and Information



Welcome to the beginning of your child's love for dance. 

Here at Dreams we offer many different classes for our Tiny Tots, including combo classes, shake and move ( Jazz ) and gymnastics / Creative movement classes. 


We know all to well the attention span of little ones this age,  we focus our classes on keeping them moving, entertained, being interactive,  teaching the early foundation of dance skills and last but not least having FUN !


We want all our parents to know that we understand you are new to the wonderful world of dance, you will have a lot of questions and concerns along the way.  We will help you every step of the way,  we want you to feel at ease in our studio and what we have to offer your little one. 


A few things to help set your mind at ease. 

1. All of our staff members including teachers have had full background checks.  We put a child's safety and wellbeing first and foremost. 

2.  We will never discipline your child.  If there is an issue that arises,  we will come to you.  We are here for fun and learning.  We want your child to be happy in the class room.   

3.  All music and costumes are age appropriate. 

4.  If you ever have any concerns or questions we follow and open door policy,  we want to hear from you and want your feedback.  We always take all comments and feedback into consideration and see if there is anything we can improve on to better our studio. 



Classes being offered for the 2016- 2017 season